For the past 90 years, Organizational Psychologists have studied best practices in selection and hiring. Research now demonstrates that managers can significantly improve hiring decisions by incorporating pre-employment testing in to the hiring process.

inPharmacy Jobs has teamed up with researchers from the nearby Research Triangle region of North Carolina to bring an integrated candidate assessment tool to our platform. The inPharmacy Jobs Assessment is the product of some of the most rigorous scientific study ever performed on the topic, and allows employers to seamlessly screen candidates that apply through their inPharmacy Jobs advertisement.

The Assessment evaluates candidates on 9 traits that evidence shows are linked to higher job performance across all jobs. These traits include Personality, Motivation, and Cognitive Ability. This kind of research and innovative hiring tool was once accessible only to companies like Google, Apple, and other Fortune 500s, but no longer. Any employer using inPharmacy Jobs can now take advantage of the Assessment to screen their candidates for as little as $199/month.

What makes the inPharmacy Jobs Assessment unique is that it has been rigorously validated for predictive ability. Many screening tools and personality tests (e.g. the Myers-Briggs) are able to identify certain traits, but haven’t been validated in the same way to predict which sets of traits are important to job performance. For example, even if a hiring manager is equipped with knowledge of a candidate’s personality traits, the manager may be left to rely on their own “hunches” and biases about which traits are actually important for the role.

In other words, many tests can identify traits, but few can tell you which candidates have the best combination of traits.

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