Email Blasts

Reach thousands of jobseekers directly with just one click. On average, Connect2Hire email blasts double the number of candidates your job listing will receive.

Connect Directly with Top Talent

Reach top candidates even when they aren’t actively searching. With the Connect2Hire email blast, send your ad to thousands of jobseekers who would be interested in the type of position you’re looking to fill.

Reach Passive Jobseekers

Often, the best candidates are already employed, but many are willing to consider new opportunities if the right one comes along. Connect2Hire email blasts are the best way to connect with top talent looking to make a move.

More Eyes on Your Ad

One Connect2Hire email blast reaches thousands of candidates, and statistically returns twice as many applicants as a job post alone. Also, jobseekers tend to share these types of alerts with their friends in the industry, so you’re tapping directly in to a community of trained professionals.

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